Tuesday, November 29, 2016

List of all Google Home Commands "Ok Google" !!

Ask for help: "OK Google, help."
Control the volume: "OK Google, turn it up" or, "Louder" or, "Turn it to 11." (Yes, the max is 11.)
Halt an action: "OK Google, stop" or, "Pause" or, "Be quiet."

Stocks: "OK Google, how are Alphabet's stocks doing?"
Weather: "OK Google, how's the weather today?" or, "Do I need an umbrella today?"
Traffic: "OK Google, what's the traffic like on the way to work?"
Words: "OK Google, what does [word] mean?"
Spelling: "OK Google, spell [word]."
Special events: "OK Google, when is [event]?" (Easter, for example)
People: "OK Google, who is [person]?"
Facts: "OK Google, how tall is [person]?"
Things: "OK Google, what is [thing]?"
Places: "OK Google, what country is [location] in?"
Animal sounds: "OK Google, what does [animal] sound like?"
Distance: "OK Google, how far is [business name] from here?"
Restaurants: "OK Google, what are the nearest restaurants to me?"
Businesses: "OK Google, are there any [business type] around here?"
Business information: "OK Google, how late is [business] open?" or "Is [business] open now?"
Quotes: "OK Google, give me a quote" or, "Give me a love quote."
Medical information: "OK Google, what is a torn meniscus?"
Calories: "OK Google, how many calories are in [food item]?"
Authors: "OK Google, who wrote [book title]?"
Inventors: "OK Google, who invented [item]?"

Roll a die: "OK Google, roll a die" or, "OK Google, roll a 12-sided die."
Flip a coin: "OK Google, flip a coin."
Math: "OK Google, what's 354 times 11?"
Measurements: "OK Google, how many liters are in 4 gallons."
Time: "OK Google, what time is it?"
Location: "OK Google, where am I?"
Translations: "OK Google, how do you say [word] in [language]?"
International time: "OK Google, what time is it in [city]?"
Currency conversion: "OK Google, how much is 100 Euros in dollars?"
Alarm: "OK Google, set an alarm for [time]."
Snooze alarm: "OK Google, snooze alarm."
Cancel alarm: "OK Google, cancel my alarm for [time]."
Timer: "OK Google, set a timer for [time]."
Check timer: "OK Google, how much time is left on my timer?"
Recipes: "OK Google, how do I make [dish]"
Add to shopping list: "OK Google, add [item] to my shopping list."
Check shopping list: "OK Google, what's on my shopping list?"
Daily briefing: "OK Google, good morning." (includes personalized greeting, info on weather, traffic, and curated news stories)
Uber: "OK Google, order an Uber."

Play music: "OK Google, play some music" or, "Play some [genre] music."
Play an artist or song: "OK Google, play [artist]" or, "Play [song]."
Play a song by lyrics: "OK Google, play the song that goes, 'Is this the real life?'"
Play a Google Play playlist or album: "OK Google, play some indie music" or, "OK Google, play [album]."
Ask what's playing: "OK Google, what song is this?" or, "OK Google, what album is this?"
Get more information: "OK Google, when did this album come out?"
Fast forward and rewind: "OK Google, skip forward 2 minutes" or, "Skip backward 30 seconds."
Play music through other speakers using Chromecast: "OK Google, cast [song] onto [speaker name]."
Play music on Spotify: "OK Google, play [artist] on Spotify."
Play music on Pandora: "OK Google, play [artist] on Pandora."
Like or dislike a song on Pandora: "OK Google, dislike this song."
Play music on YouTube Music: "OK Google, play [artist] on YouTube."
Play stations on TuneIn: "OK Google, play [station] on TuneIn."
Play videos on YouTube using Chromecast: "OK Google, play [video] on the [TV name]."
Pull up lists on YouTube: "OK Google, let's look at what's trending on YouTube on [TV name]."

Sports updates: "OK Google, who is [team] playing next?" or "Did the [team] win last night?"
Sports scores: "OK Google, what was the score for the last [team] game?"
Team information: "OK Google, tell me about [team]."
Movies: "OK Google, what movies came out last Friday?"
Casting for movies: "OK Google, what actors are in [movie]?"
Shows by network: "Hey Google, what shows are on [network]?"
News: "OK Google, what's today's news?"

Turn Philips Hue lights on/off: "OK Google, turn on/off my lights."
Dim Hue lights: "OK Google, dim my lights to fifty percent."
Change Hue colors: "OK Google, turn my lights [color]."
Control Nest thermostat: "OK Google, turn the temperature to [temp]."
Make incremental changes: "OK Google, raise the temperature 1 degree."
Customize trigger phrases for IFTTT. For example: "OK Google, let's get this party started."

"Hey Google, always be closing."
"Hey Google, what is your quest?"
"Hey Google, I am your father."
"Hey Google, set phasers to kill."
"Hey Google, are you SkyNet?"
"Hey Google, make me a sandwich."
"Hey Google, up up down down left right left right B A Start."
"Hey Google, do a barrel roll."
"Hey Google, it's my birthday."
"Hey Google, it's not my birthday."
"Hey Google, did you fart?"

Saturday, March 19, 2016

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