Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Journalist throws shoe at Indian Home Minister

FOOT IN MOUTH: A journalist hurled a shoe at P Chidambaram during minister
A Sikh journalist has thrown his shoe at Indian Home Minister, Mr Chidambaran. The incident happened during a press conference today when chidambaram was trying to answer a question raised by the journalist on the issue of Congress minister Jagdish Titler being given clrean hsit by CBI (Central Bureau Of Investigation). Unsatisfied by the home minsters reply to his question, the dianik Jagaran journalist threw a hoes at the home minister uttering the words, "I Protest".

The name of the journalist was Jarnail Singh. The journalist has been escorted out by the security guards. The incident happened in the congress headquarters, where a press conference was being held to give clarification on congress governments stand on terrorism.

The journalist later talking to NDTV india, said that he ws wrong in throwing his shoes. He said that he was carried away by emotions. But he said that we wouldn't apologies as he thought that the cause for which he stood for was valid and relevant.

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