Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reform India Movement: Is it a Scam

A website called "Reform India Movement" has surfaced on the web, asking people to register in its campaign to help Mumbai. The domain has been registered with Abhijit Dube, Reform India, Mumbai. It was created on December 02, 2008. The IP location has been traced to Ohio - Columbus - Alentus Corporation. The "Reform India Movement" website has become a huge hit on the web.

When you open the site, you find only a single page with this message "Unity is power. Let's unite by registering here." Then there are three fields - Name, Email and Mobile Number. Once you register your details, you get a confirmation message that "your details have been received by us. It is not known whether it's a serious campaign by an individual or an "online game" to fool people. The owner of the site must come up with motive, agenda and his real objective behind creating this campaign. We recommend people to abstain from giving their email id till the true nature of the movement is ascertained.

The website URL is located here -

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