Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Will pakistan Attack India ?

Pakistan has been making repeated incursions across the agreed Line of control in kashmir, with as many as 19 violations of the Line of Control (LoC) recorded since January this year. The latest incident happened today when pakistani soldiers crossed over to Indian side of the border and demended an Indian observation post to be vacated. An Indian soldier and pakistani soldiers were killed in the gun battle that ensued.

Meanwhile an Indian Private TV channel also brought to light the fact that pakistani airforce has violated Indian Airspace thrice in last two months. These reports were later confirmed by the Indian Airforce officials, who said that protest has been registered through dilpomatic channel. Fali Major, Air Chief, confirming to the reports of airspace violation said, "As usual our operational readiness is in place. They man three or four places in western air command which stretches from Kashmir to Rajasthan. This has been the norm throughout. But, we have not taken extra precautions because we know how these intrusions took place, and why they happened.”

Meanwhile pakistani army has also been seen providing cover fire for militants who are trying to infiltrate into Indian territory. When these incidents are seen along with the serials blasts which happened in two major Indian cities which lead to the dead of 50 people. And also the latest recovery of unexploded bombs from all over India, it becomes clear that Pakistani army and its Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) is trying to combine the proxy war tactic with actual military efforts.

What the pakistani army is cooking up and under whose orders remains to be seen? Their motive in this matter also remains unclear. At this point we can only speculate. Hope the situation doesn't get worse, or else a flare of between India can make pakistan's democratic institution more frail and completely dependent on the pakistani army. This also increases the likelyhood of terrorist organisations laying their hands on pakistani nuclear arsenal.


Anonymous said...

I am a Pakistani and feeling sorry for what happen in India. There is no justification for killing innocent people however i do not like the way Indian government and media handle this whole issue. It is amazing to find Indian gov and media start blaming Pakistan government just after an hour of the incident start. I wish the Indian government could come up with some concert evidence after a thorough investigation. looking at the Indian government madness and media outrage i would say just SHUT UP OR DO IT if u have a courage?????

Anonymous said...

Listen punk!...india will still be india no matter what you disgraced MF's do...you should shut ur t*****always doing dirty things no value in this world u have