Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Shakespeare was a woman

Shakespeare was actually a Jewish woman who had disguised to get her work published in Elizabethan London where original literature from women was not acceptable, an expert has contended.

The woman, Amelia Bassano Lanier Bassano, was of Italian descent and lived in England as a Marrano. She has been known only as the first woman to publish a book of poetry ( Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum in 1611) and as a candidate for "the dark lady" referred to in the sonnets, daily Ha'aretz reported.

The theory rests largely on the circumstances of Bassano's life, which John Hudson, an expert in Shakespeare, contends matches much better to the content of Shakespeare's work.

The researcher has also identified technical similarities between the language used in Bassano's known poetry and that used in Shakespeare's verse.

The conginitive scientist has located several clues in the text like recently noted Jewish allegories and the statistically significant appearance of Amelia Bassano Lanier's various names in the plays, which he says point to her as the only convincing candidate as the author of Shakespeare's work.

When asked if this is the biggest literary hoax ever pulled off or the worst example of a man stealing a woman's glory, the researcher dubbed it a "stratagem".

"I don't think this is a hoax. It is a stratagem she used to get her work published, as many other women have done, by having their work published under a man's name. In Elizabethan London, women could not write original literature at all, let alone plays, so this was her only option", Hudson said in an interview published in Ha'aretz .

"The example I use is that of the Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria. In order that his name might be known, the architect Sostratus had his name carved on the stone base, then covered over with a piece of plaster with a dedication to the king. In time the plaster fell away, revealing the architect's name", Hudson said.

"Amelia's strategy was to leave behind a preposterous case for William Shakespeare, which has now fallen away, revealing the true creator who is now at last visible", the cognitive scientist added.

He is so convinced of Bassano's authorship that he formed a theater company, The Dark Lady Players, to bring out, through performance, the true meanings of the plays as, he argues, Bassano intended them.

Hudson holds numerous degrees from various prestigious academic institutions, in a range of specialties from Shakespeare and dramaturgical theory to sociology and anthropology.

He has spent most of his career as a cognitive scientist, restructuring the communications industry and inventing new industry models, exactly what he is now doing with Shakespeare.


jhen said...

I don't care if he's a man or a woman really, being mysterious has some effect and it's a technique used ny most writers.

Anonymous said...

Absolute rubbish. Yet another alleged scientist with a mickey mouse degree seems to think they hold all the answers. How an italian woman could write so fluently in English - and in a historical context is beyond fathoming. This psuedo scientist is trying to make a name for himself by the tired old method of conspiracy theories.

Jasmine said...

Anonymous, you are clearly suited to the time when Women were not permitted to be writers or anything academic in nature, when their only 'job' was to be a homemaker, mother and wife. Your attitude clearly reinforces why women like Bassano needed to use a man's name to get their writing published!

Anonymous said...

not possible

shakespear married and had several children..

im pretty sure the women HE married wasn't hermaphrdiate

also ...sperm and egg make the baby..

therefore proving that Shakespear is a male

Jim said...

Anonymous writes of an Italian woman being fluent in English.
I read the article and read of a woman of Italian descent. By my reckoning Italian descent isn't the same thing as being Italian.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought there was sufficient evidence to prove that Shakespeare was in fact a man. But the Italian (Catholic) connection is interesting. Numerous people have claimed that Shakespeare was in fact an underground Catholic, during a time when Catholic priests found on English soil were executed.

An interesting interview with Clare Asquith, writer of “Shadowplay” can be heard here.

In it she discusses the secret codes embedded in Shakespeare’s plays revealing his Catholic sympathies and dislike of the English monarch.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Well done for being so narrow minded. But after all, being the over 50 year old you are. (call it a good guess) tired old conspiracy theories are all you have.

Say that he was a man, what about the conspiracy theories regarding his first child. Born 6 months after the marriage. Ummm shot gun wedding there I guess.

Jasmine I agree with your sentiments exactly.