Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oh India please wake up - stand up for something we believe in.

India silent as China deploys forces on Nepal soil

China stationed forces on the Nepalese side of the border with Tibet last week, in order to keep tabs on protests by Tibetans in Nepal over the past few days.

The Chinese forces were in plainclothes, but armed with small weapons, sources said. This has rung alarm bells in India's security apparatus, but there's no official reaction.

Despite the huge diplomatic snub by China as it summoned India's ambassador at 2am on Saturday to protest against Tibetan activists breaking into the Chinese embassy in Delhi, the government here is silent on the reported deployment of Chinese troops in Nepal.

Meanwhile A police officer was killed in fresh violence in Sichuan province near Tibet, China said on Tuesday as it struggled to quell the fortnight-long monks-led pro-independence protests and vowed stricter control of Buddhist monasteries.

Armed with knives and stones, a mob attacked the police officers in Garze prefecture on Monday, killing one of them on the spot and injuring several others, a local official said.

The police fired warning shots and dispersed the lawless mob, the official was quoted as saying by state run Xinhua news agency.

Authorities also claimed that 381 people, mostly monks, had "surrendered" in Tibetan-populated area of southwest Sinchuan, where the police had opened fire and wounded four persons last week after the riots which had broken out in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa spilled into the nearby provinces.

When Tibet was swallowed by China without much effort, the then Indian Prime minister Pandit Nehru didn't utter a word of protest. When China attacked India in 1962, then only he learned the hard outcome of being passive. In the recent developments, Indian Government is simply repeating the same passive policies toward China, which will backfire at anytime without warning. Those who forget history will be prone to repeat the same blunder.China's economic and military clout is making it more hegemonic and breaking promises is a part of its character. The world should boycot olympics as it is not keeping its promise on human rights.It is doing what Hitler did, ethnic genocide.

Why the govt is not reacting to these Chinese highhandedess? Answer is simple. If govt reacts, immediately the Indian communist party will raise the issue and threaten to withdraw the support. What a shame? First deal with the communists in India. Then you can deal with any situation boldly. Communists of India oppose the nuclear deal with USA. They claim that India will compromise its soverignity by signing this deal. This is because it may not be able to test a nuclear bomb in future, maybe 20 to 30 years from now. China, their friend has taken a significant part of India's territory, including part of Kashmir gifted by Pakistan to China. I have never seen these Indian communists asking China to retun our territory. I think it is time that Communists of India should come out clean to Indian citizens about their extra territorial alliances with China.

I think India has to take a strong stance in relation to the current pro-independence Tibetean demonstrations.India should not give in to the Chinese pressures in order to appease the Chinese Ruling Politburo. The Indian government should not use force aganist peaceful Tibetan demonstrators protesting to free their homeland. Indian government is perhaps worried that supporting the Tibetans might result in Chinese supporting the Pakistanis on the Kashmir issue. But the whole world knows that China invaded Tibet and captured it while Kashmir acceded to India. India never invaded or captured Kashmir. The present Indian government is pursuing a very dangerous policy of appeasing the two biggest enemies of India i.e. China and Pakistan. I hope that India's intelligence is keeping an eye on the Chinese Army build up acroos Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal otherwise the security of the whole North Eastern India would be in danger.

China's strategy:I am clear in my mind what is the long term strategy of Imperialist China With neighbours including India. They created favourable position in Nepal for them totally. Burma is under their total control. There,Public was crushed again & again lately also. They have almost devoured Tibet. Next turn is for India's Arunachal Pradesh, to begin with,having an eye on seven sister States. More will be seen in due course. Let the world big powers look to China from this angle.We have suffered from weak governments all these decades. Congress' past record has not been good against Chinese and the nation has reason to worry. We are still fighting our internal defence procurement wars while exposing ourselves to military unpreparedness. This is worrisome and needs the government to take a stronger posture unless it is reconciled to wait its own turn to come after Chinese have run through all others.

India should make clear its stand on Tibet issue like US, France, Germany, UK or EU have done. Dalai Lama epitomizes Gandhi in the modern times and is a highly regarded person. He represnts the moderate voice in Tibet and supporting him is the best way to move forward on an issue that is so central to India's interests (China is our immediate neighbour and its high-handedness is well known. One would hope that Indian Government would follow a more consistent policy on Tibet and not dilly dally because of the vested interests of the Left or some business houses.

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Jestin Joy said...

This is not Chinese highhandedness in china. At the time of Olympics Tibetans are making problems to highlight their cause.

Tibet is china's internal matter. More than that china accepts Tibet as an independent region. Its not Uncle sam type of approach from china