Monday, February 11, 2008

How to get rich quickly

Need to make a few bucks? Want to maximize profits on your seed investment? This is how you do it:

  • If your canteen stuff sucks, cook and sell. You can make up to Rs 11,000 in profits in a week.
  • If your professor feels too lazy to come and eat at your stall, pack it and deliver to the staff room. Charge an additional Rs 10 for the trip.
  • Valentine's Day round the corner? Put those trinket trivia on sale. Overprice your goods.
  • If your friends bunk class, open gaming kiosks. Attendance is guaranteed.
  • Have an artistic hand? Use it. Most money earned from the cards you sell will count as profit.
  • And, in general, look for opportunities where you can get a monopoly. Then enjoy being the market leader.

Ok, fine. This is not my own gyan. It is duly borrowed from the students of NSHM, who used the above tricks to post a profit of Rs 20,000 against an investment of Rs 850, in six days flat.

Now don't you think these strategies are worth a copy-paste?

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