Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fate of a tiger in china (Weak hearted persons dont watch this)

There is nothing quite so magical as a tiger in the wild. Perhaps it is this very reason that has made people covet the animal for centuries.

From its skin to all of its body parts, tigers have been hunted and poached to near extinction across the world.

One of the biggest consumers of tiger skins and parts is China.

In 1993, the plight of wild tigers had reached such a critical stage that China joined international efforts to protect the tiger by banning trade in tiger skin and parts.

But now a plan to legalise the trade through tigers raised and bred on farms in China has outraged conservationists across the globe.

Facing extinction

Twelve NGOs from around the world have issued a joint statement to express their concern about the present tiger crisis and have urged President Hu Jintao not to reopen the tiger trade.

The Chinese point of view is that legalising the trade through captive bred tigers will protect wild tigers, but conservationists say that it will only further the illegal poaching.

The tiger is the symbol of all that is wild. It is not meant to be some other form of cattle in mass production.


VelVerb said...

This is just awful!

Sunny Boy said...

Bastards !!
Thats why these son of bitches die of earthquakes and natural disasters.
Trying to extinct the nature, nature will eliminate these assholes !!

I know this comment might not get approved, i don't really fkin care.

Ben said...

Disgraceful in the extreme. But of course we do the same with lobsters.