Friday, October 12, 2007

How to apply for Pan card Online : Step by Step instructions

Applying for a PAN Card Online

Steps involved in applying PAN Card online.

Login to

Click on PAN.

Click on New PAN

Scroll Down and you will find a drop down at the end as ‘Apply for a new PAN Card

Select Individual (or any other category as applicable) and click on Submit

You will get the below attached Screen

Fill in all the Mandatory fields. (For Ward/Circle, Range code, AO Type click on the link which is on the right hand side – For Non-International Taxation AO details for finding out your ward detail.)

You will find the below attached screen

Scroll down and select the alphabet which starts your City Name – For Example if you are a Bangalore resident click on B

Then you will find the below mentioned screen

Click on your respective location– you will find the below attached screen

Just do control F and type the area where you are residing – Example Control F

Then it searches the same as attached in the below screen

Please look at the right hand side which provides your Area Code – KAR , AO Type – W, Range Code – 222 and AO Number – 3.

For Ward, Range & Commissioner details you can see the details on the left hand side which is ITO Ward 9 (3 ) – Ward is ITO , Range is Ward 9 and the Commissioner is (3).

For Payment details there are 3 options which you can opt that is Demand Draft / Cheque / Credit card.

After providing all the details click on Submit – If something is missing it prompts you to fill which will be highlighted in Red.

After completion please take the printout of the Ackowledgement Copy which contains the Acknowledgement Number in it. Please read the instruction sheet and dispatch the Hardcopy of the same along with your Recent Photograph, your signature in Black ink and copy of Proof of Identity to the below mentioned Address.

On top of the Envelope please mention as

APPLICATION FOR PAN – Acknowledgement Number followed.


Income Tax PAN Services Unit,

National Securities Depository Limited,

1st Floor, Times Tower,

Kamala Mills Compound,

Senapati Bapat Marg,

Lower Parel (W),

Mumbai – 400 013

Tel – 022-2499 4650

Fax – 022-2495 0664.


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Hi, Thanks for the post. I have 1 question. I am an NRI, living in Australia. My address in India is Margao, Goa. So, for Area Code * AO Type * Range Code & AO Number, Do I choose ITO (INTL TAX) MARGAO --- DLC W 520 2 from the pop up window? or Do I choose the Pune one where the application will be mailed. After that, what should I fill for Ward/CircleRange/Commissioner? I have no clue what I should put in there. Please help. Thanks a lot.

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